Sometimes building science just isn’t fair. It doesn’t care how much insulation you buy, or even how hard you work installing it. Nooooo, the laws of physics insist that your house is a system, and that insulation can only do its job when it goes hand in hand with air sealing.

To understand why, you need a little building science background. Air moves through small pathways in your home’s walls and ceilings thanks to the stack effect. This movement has more to do with pressure than with temperature, so the stack effect plays out differently depending on the season. In the winter, cold air sneaks in through the foundation walls and rises up and out through the attic, taking the heat you’ve paid for with it.  In the summer, the stack effect pullswarm air from the attic into your home as cool air escapes through foundation leaks. Building science isn’t fair, remember?

As long as air is leaking through your house, the stack effect is wasting energy, making you uncomfortable, and costing you money. That’s why comprehensive home performance starts with something you’ll never see: air sealing. At Evergreen, we caulk, foam, and plug plumbing chases, wiring penetrations, and inexplicable holes to slow the stack effect and ensure that insulation does its job.

Take that, building science.

Track down the hidden pathways behind the stack effect in your home with a FREE infrared scanfrom Evergreen Home Performance and learn how strategic air sealing can improve the comfort and efficiency of your whole home.  Contact us today and learn how long-term, low-interest PACE or Energy loans from Efficiency Maine make home energy efficiency projects easy and affordable.