In the final stages of selling our home, and with a closing date set, an inspection came across an unanticipated issue in our attic. We quickly called in contractors, but nobody was able to identify the source of the problem. Then we thought of Evergreen. Brian Robinson was on site the next morning and immediately identified the source (a faulty roofing job completed three years earlier which had effectively sealed up portions of the ridge vent and restricted air flow - not easily visible with a quick inspection). A mid-winter fix was anything but easy and required coordination between multiple contractors to correct the issue, including both interior and exterior work in sub-zero weather outside and cramped workspaces inside – all within a very limited time frame. We are so lucky to live in Midcoast Maine with local companies who are responsive and responsible and who care about their work and their clients. Evergreen is no exception. Evergreen quickly identified the problem, helped plan the corrective actions needed, carefully coordinated their work with the other contractors, and fit us into an extremely busy schedule to complete all work necessary within the allotted amount of time. Our closing was only delayed by one day. It was clear during this entire process that all of the contractors that we dealt with had such respect for Brian, his team, and Evergreen. From the folks who cleaned to the insurance adjuster, everyone followed their lead. Thank you Evergreen for your expertise, your professionalism, and your dedication to helping us identify and fix the issue in a timely manner.

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Robin McIntosh