The work I do in Maine people’s homes is not easy. But it’s worthwhile to me and here’s why.   

I have worked for Evergreen for a total of five years, first as a field technician and currently as a project manager. Having worked in the trades for multiple outfits over the last 25 years, I can honestly say Evergreen is the best company I have ever been involved with.

Our management team is incredibly supportive. We are very well trained to do our job safely and skillfully. They understand we have a life outside of work and are flexible with family and personal obligations. Our compensation and benefits reflects our needs for financial stability. Everyone in the office, from ownership to management, is available for questions or concerns. The “open door policy” is not just a saying at Evergreen; everyone really cares. Perhaps best of all, our hard work is acknowledged and appreciated.

My job at Evergreen is intellectually challenging and engaging. I have the pleasure of working with competent, committed people who truly act as a team. I am given opportunities for personal growth doing work that is meaningful. The work we do has a positive impact for the homeowners and the environmental health of our communities and our state. It is incredibly gratifying to know the work we do has real world benefits.

And yes, we do have some fun while we’re at it.

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Rick Stevenson