My experience at Evergreen helped me grow as a person in many ways. Most notably was the amount of practical skills I learned about building science and construction. As someone who lacked construction experience prior to working at Evergreen, the company and project managers were patient and encouraging with me and taught me a tremendous amount of new skills in a relatively short amount of time. I now have the understanding and the know-how to make my own home energy efficient which will save on money and resources in the future. The hard skills are transferable to other aspects of home projects or maintenance as well. I've become much more confident when approaching these types of problems.

Evergreen taught me soft skills as well. The company modeled what a competent and professional business should look like. They always strove for quality over quantity making sure both their customers and employees were happy. I always felt like I had an equal voice in the company and that they cared for my best interest while treating me fairly. It was also satisfying knowing that we were doing the job the right way, not just the easy and cheap way. I felt that the work truly made a difference in the community and I took satisfaction when the homeowners were happy with the results. Evergreen was a fun company to work for as the strove to maintain a healthy and positive work culture. Every once in a while I'll see or hear an advertisement for Evergreen and will smile while thinking of the good memories and relationships I made while

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Nate Hathaway, Weatherization Technician