My husband and I bought a home on the water in Owls Head and decided to make the investment in Evergreen's recommendations for insulation. Brian Robinson spent 3 hours examining every nook and cranny before he made practical suggestions and explained them thoroughly to us.
When the team came in to do the work--with Joel leading--they couldn't have been more professional at every step. Clean and courteous. When the job was complete, they filed all the paperwork we needed to get state rebates. The result? I recently had a houseful of guests when the temperature dropped and the winds raged. Everyone remarked how comfortable the house felt at 68 degrees. It really feels like they reversed the aging of our house, and that we're now living in a well-constructed, luxury hotel. I'm writing this in the middle of a snowstorm and the house feels tight as a drum! Evergreen is one of those investments that you can't see, but you can certainly feel! Worth every dime.

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Marie McNeely
Owls Head