Several years ago Brian Robinson evaluated the crawl space at my summer home on Islesboro where I knew moisture was becoming a problem. I had done quite a bit of work in the space many years prior with mixed results. When Brian offered some suggestions, they were ideas that incorporated work previously done, and would be a relatively low cost effort to improve the situation. He offered this advice over several phone conversations of some length, informally, and at no charge. I am certain that had I followed his advice at the time, instead of ignoring the problem from a distance for several years, that I would have been spared the large expense of replacing some beams. I spoke to Brian this past Spring and he recalled both my home and his suggestions from several years ago. This time I implemented his plan, and the results were excellent. I believe that this sort of service clearly holds the client's interest foremost. The service was pleasant, informed, and valued.

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Cliff R.