I used to spend winters in the bathtub because my house was so cold. This was my first winter roaming around my whole house comfortably. This even led me to decorate a little. My heating oil usage has been reduced by over a quarter: I rarely have to boost the thermostat because the temp stays at a constant. The Efficiency Maine rebates, together with the energy savings, make it affordable for me to pay for the loan I took out to finance the project. I do not worry about my pipes freezing. The house is also quiet: no more mice running around in the walls and ceiling - the cellulose successfully repelled them after several weeks. That is huge too! My basement quickly dried out and the foam on the walls also reassures me when the ground is water-logged. I suspect the insulation will also help to reduce swings in humidity levels which is good for my pianos. I highly recommend this company's work. If you're going to insulate your house, might as well do it right. Brian and Joel were fantastic (attention to detail and communication) and the mess was minimal. The crew was so discreet. They clearly out-perform other contractors during the interview process by using an energy audit to determine a plan and give a cost estimate (which they stuck to). Brian has a scientific approach to understanding how to make your house air tight. Other contractors failed to recommend air sealing or even noticed the attic above the front porch (which I did not know about). Additional thought: insulating an older home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint vs. building a new energy-efficient home because it requires a lot of energy to make new materials.

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Claire Helene Bevan