From beginning to end – that is from the moment Justin McEdward stepped into our home to assess our energy conservation needs until the crew left – the Evergreen Home Performance process went absolutely smoothly. Justin made a thorough inspection and took pictures with an infrared camera. His proposal described the scope of work in detail, and he explained what we could expect the proposed work to accomplish. Our proposal was forthcoming within a couple of days, and Justin was available to discuss it and answer questions.
The crew arrived on the appointed day to remove old insulation in our basement, reinsulate basement and crawl space areas, seal cracks and crevices, and make our attic insulation more efficient. All members of the crew were efficient, hard-working, and professional; the crew leader was knowledgeable and able to answer our questions as they arose. We were impressed that the clean-up left no trace that Evergreen Home Performance had worked in our home.
Next step: Just McEdward will conduct a post-work infrared survey to show us before and after images and to determine whether the crew would need to return to address any problem spots.
We'll be in touch with Evergreen Home Performance after the heating season to share how this coming winter's fuel consumption compares with last winter's.

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Adrienne Harkavy