The House
John had been living with a cold house and high energy bills for so long that it felt normal, but when he heard about Efficiency Maine’s rebate program, he decided to call. “In Maine, anything we can do to combat the elements is worthwhile,” says John, “so I figured it would be worth looking into.”

The Consult
Energy Advisor Steve Seekins identified John’s wet basement and under-insulated attic as the home’s biggest efficiency challenges. “Steve really knows his business,” says John.

The Audit
Blower-door testing revealed that John’s home was far leakier than required by healthy ventilation standards, driving up fuel costs and keeping the house uncomfortably cold.

The Project
Steve identified opportunities to reduce heat loss, improve comfort, and correct damaging basement moisture by air sealing and insulating the attic and foundation walls, encapsulating the basement, and insulating the heating ducts. Evergreen's trained, certified production team installed these improvements, creating a continuous thermal barrier between the conditioned living space and the exterior.

“The crew was really sharp in terms of figuring out what might be wrong, and they were willing to keep working until they got it right,” says John.

The Results
“This project made a noticeable difference in my comfort and my energy bills,” says John, whose heating costs have dropped by 40%. “I’d definitely recommend Evergreen to anyone.”


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Bryan, Dave and the entire Evergreen team are wonderfully professional, prompt and thorough. I enjoyed working with them and look forward to continued work as we upgrade our home!

Cait, Yarmouth