Energy Efficiency Audits & Contracting in Maine


Evergreen Managers Attend Leadership Academy

At Evergreen, we pride ourselves in good communication and customer service. This month, we're focusing on the connection between those goals and another top priority: workplace safety.

General Manager Brian Schortz and three of our Production Managers – Nate Spectre, Michael Bunker, and Byran Pringle - are attending a Specialty Certificate Program in Leadership. The four day course, sponsored by MEMIC, is designed to help organizations fully integrate workplace safety and business goals by supporting the leadership skills of managers and supervisors.

Evergreen has an excellent record of keeping crew members safe as they install insulation and other efficiency upgrades, but working in unfinished spaces like basements and attics demands constant attention. "This is a great opportunity to review of my own strengths and weaknesses,” said Production Manager Bryan Pringle, "and to nudge my leadership style along.”

Ice Dams and Summer Comfort

Prepare yourself for one of the great injustices of home performance:

The same problems that cause dangerous, damaging ice dams in winter can also make your home unbearably hot all summer. Take a look:

Simple Fix Awaits Senate Hearing

The simple fix to a clerical error that could cut Maine’s energy-efficiency funding by $38 million dollars was overwhelmingly approved by the Maine House of Representatives and is awaiting hearing in the Senate.

LD 1215, proposed by Assistant House Majority Leader Sara Gideon (D-Freeport), corrects a one-word typo in the 2013 energy bill that set Efficiency Maine funding levels. There has been broad bipartisan support for simply restoring the missing “and,” and Gideon’s bill sailed through the House with a 138-1 vote on May 6.

Langlais Sculpture Preserve gets energy efficiency updates

The 90-acre Cushing homestead of renowned Maine artist Bernard Langlais will soon be gifted to the Georges River Land Trust as the Langlais Sculpture Preserve, but first it’s getting an energy efficiency makeover.

“The Georges River Land Trust is thrilled to work with Colby College and Kohler Foundation to celebrate Bernard Langlais’s legacy,” said Gail Presley, the Land Trust’s Executive Director. “Langlais was inspired by the Maine landscape, so this preservation project is focused on conserving natural resources as well as his work.”

The Serious Scoop on the Efficiency Maine Funding Debate

The battle over the missing “and” continues, but several proposals suggest that it won’t end the way we reported it would on April Fools’ Day.

The debate began late last month, when Maine’s Public Utilities Commission voted 2-1 to slash energy-efficiency funding based on a strict reading of the 2013 Omnibus Energy Bill. There is bipartisan agreement that the missing “and” was a typographical error and that such a reading contradicts the Legislature’s intent, but no such agreement that a clean fix is the best solution.

Evergreen finds and returns “and” to Maine legislators, PUC

Evergreen Home Performance is proud to announce its discovery of the word "and,” lost sometime in 2013 in the Maine State Legislature, and its intention to return the word to its rightful owners, the people of Maine.

“It’s not unusual to find a bit of a building’s history in our line of work,” says Evergreen’s president, Richard Burbank. “But – or maybe I should say and – this discovery is surprisingly important.”

Congratulations to our Sales Champion!

Energy Advisor Justin McEdward (far left) completed his Dale Carnegie sales training yesterday and earned the Sales Advantage Highest Award for Achievement.

Trainer Dave Stearns (pictured with Justin at left) praised Justin's "confidence, poise, and continuous performance."

Way to go, Justin!

Age in Place with Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Vera has called this lovely little log cabin home for thirty years. It's full of memories, and she has no interest in leaving it. But her husband passed away a few years ago, and Vera's children worried that she couldn't keep up with the maintenace a log home requires. The house was cold and drafty, and they'd started talking about nursing homes when Vera's daughter met Evergreen Energy Advisor Brian Robinson by happenstance.

Why your home gets icicles

Evergreen Home Performance can help! Contact us to schedule a free one-hour energy consult and learn how air sealing and insulation can bring your home into balance, make you more comfortable, reduce ice dams, and cut your energy costs.

What's Air Sealing Anyway?

You know that insulation is important, but what's this air sealing stuff everyone is talking about? Check out this video, then contact us for your free one-hour consult and learn how air sealing will make your home more comfortable, durable, and energy efficient.