Energy Efficiency Audits & Contracting in Maine


Evergreen announces line of insulated high-tech outdoor clothing

In a surprising move, Evergreen Home Performance announced today that it will launch a line of eco-green, high-performance outerwear. “We’ve mastered the art of keeping homes warm and dry,” says Marketing Manager Kathleen Meil, “and now we’ll deliver that high level of comfort to outdoor enthusiasts.” 

Evergreen Aces Air Quality Tests

Evergreen Home Performance passed recent air quality tests with flying colors, coming in well below OSHA limits for exposure to hazardous chemicals during the application of insulating foam.

“Spray foam insulation is a terrific tool for improving home comfort and energy efficiency,” says Elise Brown, Evergreen’s Executive Vice President, “but it does contain toxic chemicals. We’re comfortable installing spray foam because we’re confident we can maintain the safety of our employees and customers.”

Our Changing Climate and Year-Round Comfort

What does the warmest winter on record mean for summer comfort?

It’s not your imagination: Maine really did just go through the warmest winter in 121 years of record keeping, and we had lots of company. According to NOAA data released this week, almost every state experienced warmer-than-normal temperatures, all six New England states set winter records, and spring has already sprung.

If birdsong, crocuses, and 60° days in March don’t sound so bad to you, you’re not alone. But you might change your tune when you get a look at the summer forecast, because it's going to be hot.

Encore! Another Women's Evening of All Things Home Energy

Once again, we're teaming up with ReVision Energy and the Natural Resources Council of Maine for a women's evening of questions and conversation about heating systems, fuel choices, energy efficiency, solar power, state energy policy, and more. Join us at Peapod Jewelry on March 24, 5:30 pm for an energizing discussion, led for woman, by women. Space is limited, so please register by calling Jennifer Albee at 589-4171, or email

The Supreme Court and Energy Efficiency

The Supreme Court has rightly been on everyone's mind since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday. The clean energy world was already focused on the high court, which temporarily blocked implementation of the Clean Power Plan last week, and it's wondering what the sudden vacancy means for the landmark regulation.

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Extended Through 2016!

Homeowners can claim federal tax credits for energy efficiency improvements made in 2015 and 2016, thanks to an extension of the Residential Energy Tax Credit. The credit covers 10% of the materials cost of certain improvements, up to $500. The credit had previously expired at the end of 2014, but a late-December budget deal extended it both retroactively and forward till the end of 2016.

Energy Efficiency Challenge at Brunswick Junior High

When Brunswick Junior High teacher Cris Lavigne told us about the weatherization project her 7th graders are working on, we knew we wanted in. How could we say no to an interdisciplinary project that highlights the science, economics, politics, and logistics of energy efficiency? 

We knew we'd have plenty to talk about, and we knew we wanted it to be fun, so Energy Advisor Cree Krull hatched an energy efficiency challenge in the grand tradition of Cutthroat Kitchen. Who could build the most efficient "home" starting with cardboard from the cafeteria insulation and air sealing materials from the school supply aisle?

Susan Collins Honors Evergreen at Efficiency Maine Symposium

We always enjoy Efficiency Maine's annual symposium, and this year's event was no exception. We caught up with colleagues; helped honor our friend Rick Karg for his incredible contributions to the field of building science; and listened to U.S. Senator Susan Collins speak eloquently about the need for - and benefits of - urgent action on climate change. 

Richard Burbank Named a SunriseGuide Steward of Sustainability

In honor of their 10th anniversary, the SunriseGuide is celebrating Mainers who create real change in their communities. The 2016 Stewards of Sustainability have helped make "significant advances in the areas of sustainability, environmental health, and wellness," and Evergreen founder and CEO Richard Burbank is among them!

Efficiency Maine Board Adopts New 3-Year Plan

Yesterday, Efficiency Maine’s board voted unanimously to adopt a new 3-year plan and budget, which will save consumers more than $870 million on energy bills over the lifetime of the efficiency measures. The plan now goes to the Public Utilities Commission for a formal review, expected to take at least four months, before it can be implemented.

Though the final plan includes less funding for home weatherization and efficiency than the plan as originally drafted, it maintains energy efficiency, alternative energy, and conservation programs that help homes and businesses cut their energy costs.