In 2011, a Liberty couple purchased their 1880s Cape Cod style home that had undergone major renovations in 2005. As soon as they moved in, they had an energy audit performed since they had learned about the importance of energy efficiency in their former home.

The audit revealed several energy efficiency improvements that needed to be made. These included adding insulation in the attic and soffit, installing a vapor barrier in the basement, and insulating the granite sills with spray foam. The couple went above and beyond, delving into renewable energy, by adding a raised seam metal roof for solar hot water and a solar PV system.

Uncovering Problems with Outdated Windows

In the process of upgrading their home, the couple called in a carpenter to make repairs to the exterior clapboard siding prior to having it painted. The carpenter noticed that the existing windows weren’t in the best shape, including finding mushrooms thriving on the sills, and recommended they start looking for replacement windows in the next several years.

Seeking Out New, Energy Efficient Replacement Solutions

After some time, the couple also began dreaming about adding morning light to their kitchen by swapping out a solid door with one that had a full window. Having previously heard about Evergreen through email and the work the company had done for a local grassroots nonprofit, they scheduled an appointment to get an estimate for the new windows and door.

Selecting Integrity Windows & A High-Performance Door

Once the couple received a quote, they still continued to do more research and shopped for comparisons. The window options seemed endless, but the Marvin Integrity line stood out. In addition to being an excellent product at a reasonable price, the couple was confident in Evergreen’s quality installation team, so they chose Evergreen Windows & Doors to complete the project.

Upgrading with Evergreen Windows & Doors

In less than two weeks, the Evergreen team finished the installation. This included repairing structural damage, installing 16 windows and one door, painting the outside, and caulking on both the inside and outside.

The couple was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and respect Evergreen workers showed to them and their home. The demolition and installation process was painless and the couple truly appreciated the effort that went into minimizing any disruption, including thorough sweeping and vacuuming each day.

They noticed the pride that the team took in their work and their dedication to only the highest quality materials. Thanks to the knowledgeable and caring team, the couple now also has deeper interior windows sills which they really enjoy.

Windows & Doors for Home Energy Efficiency & Peace of Mind

After Evergreen finished installing Marvin Integrity windows and a new door for the couple, winter hit. The couple made it through a tough Maine winter with nothing but praise. They loved the clean, clear views and now know that their home can withstand the windy, dark, subzero days of winter without any problem.

“Make the investment as soon as you can so you can begin reaping the benefits of lower heating costs and increased comfort.” — The homeowners

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Evergreen came out 2 years ago to do an assessment and insulate our roof. This year we had them come back and do the basement as well.

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