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July 31, 2019

Windows are essential to any home, but especially Maine homes. Mainers need windows and doors that allow the beautiful New England sun to shine through during the seemingly short summer months, while keeping the icy temperatures out during the winter squalls and obligatory snow days. We count on our windows to provide beautiful field & forest or ocean views to fill our homes with natural light, and to keep us as comfortable as possible. But how can you know when it is time to replace the windows in your home?

At Evergreen Home Performance, we know that windows are an important piece in the puzzle that makes up your overall home performance. We have been helping homeowners from York and Cape Elizabeth all the way up the Mid Coast to Boothbay and Bar Harbor determine when it is time to invest in window replacement, and how to take advantage of the recent improvements in window manufacturing to increase their overall home performance. Here are our top four indicators it is time for window replacement:

1. Windows are Hard to Close

Many homeowners have simply inherited the older windows and frames that were installed during construction decades ago. Those decades of wear and tear can make a proper close next to impossible for older windows. And what is the point of having a window that doesn’t fully close? Open windows aren’t just annoying — they can cost you money, allow unwanted allergens inside, and cause safety concerns for those who appreciate being able to keep children inside and intruders out.  And don’t forget your good health. The more air that is allowed to freely infiltrate your home through holes and gaps in your building envelope (the separation between your living space and the outdoors), the more contaminants and allergens your indoor air will have. This can cause an increase in allergy-like symptoms all year long. Plus, a hard to close window can also lead to…

2. Indoor Drafts

Your entire home is connected as one system. If there is an area of your home, like a large window, that is leaking air in and out of your living space it can cause drafts throughout your entire home and negatively affect your home performance. Even for windows that seal properly, if unwanted temperatures are able to infiltrate your home by radiating through your windows (this is common with older, single-pane windows) you may still feel a draft. Heat wants to go where the cool temperatures are — which means in the winter your hot inside air will want to escape through the windows or attic, and in the summer the outdoor heat will want to make its way into your home. 

3. It’s Getting Noisy

Have you been sitting down to a family dinner after a long day, and the radio blasting from the motorcycle down the street has you raising your voice just to be heard? Improvements in window manufacturing technology have increased the soundproofing quality of modern windows. Replacing your windows with high-quality Marvin windows decreases obtrusive sound infiltration, reducing the noise and making for a quieter, more peaceful home.

4. Condensation “Between the Panes”

If you are regularly seeing condensation on your windows, you’ve got a problem relating to your home performance. But exactly where that condensation is accumulating is important. If there is condensation on the inner side of your windows, you may have excess moisture in your home (which should be addressed with an Evergreen Home Performance energy audit). But if the condensation is between the panes of your windows, the seal of your double pane window has been compromised. Double pane windows are commonly filled with a gas (like argon) for insulation, then air sealed. If that seal is broken and moisture is allowed between the panes, you will begin to see condensation — indicating your window is not properly sealed and performance is compromised. 

Beauty & Better Home Performance for Your Maine Home with Marvin Windows

Our name says it all —  Evergreen Home Performance is solely motivated by our mission to increase your overall energy efficiency and home performance. As the first Authorized Replacement Contactor (ARC) of Marvin windows and doors in Maine, when you partner with Evergreen you can rest easy knowing that your new windows are intentionally designed, made of durable materials, and installed by an experienced team of professionals. 

New windows don’t just look great on your home, they look great on your energy bill, too! Get in touch with Evergreen Home Performance to schedule your no-cost window consultation — (207) 594-2244.

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