In 2011, a Liberty couple purchased their 1880s Cape Cod style home that had undergone major renovations in 2005. As soon as they moved in, they had an energy audit performed since they had learned about the importance of energy efficiency in their former home.

When Nancy fell in love with this 24-year-young gambrel-style house, she threw herself into personalizing it with cosmetic upgrades that made it hers. But worrying about heating bills and uneven temperatures kept her from fully enjoying her home. “When my pipes froze, I knew I needed to do... Read More

Wyatt and Emily hadn’t lived in their 1930s bungalow very long before they called Evergreen. From “crazy ice dams” to basement moisture, they had a list of concerns that weren’t going away – or allowing them to fully enjoy their home. “It didn’t seem like the house was about to fall down, but it... Read More

When Hans & Jen bought this beautiful gambrel in the heart of Brooks, they aimed to turn the “beautiful – but drafty as all get-out” house into a cozy, dry home. They scheduled an energy audit and got right to work on efficiency upgrades, and like many homeowners, they’re working in phases... Read More

When Matt & Patsy bought their first house, they knew the 1890 New Englander needed work. “The bones were solid, but there were a lot of issues,” Matt reports, including a wet basement, drafty rooms, and high energy usage that worried their budget and their consciences.

Jen grew up spending summers down the road from this Cushing, Maine cottage, so she snapped it up when it went on the market in 1985. But transforming it into a cozy home took years. She moved walls, reconfigured rooms, and renovated the living space, but didn’t know where to start on energy... Read More

Vera and her husband built this log cabin in Cushing, Maine 30 years ago and had always heated with wood they cut on their own land. But when her husband passed away, Vera couldn’t keep up with the chopping and hauling. She began relying on the oil furnace – and noticing all the drafts. “It’s... Read More

Tom & Jennifer never meant to live here. They bought the 1850s cape as a landing pad while they figured out where they really wanted to be. They didn’t paint the walls, and they didn’t worry about the drafts that kept the house cold and uncomfortable no matter how much oil and wood they... Read More

Marianne & Steve’s Cape Elizabeth home was “a bit of a mishmash” – a 1939 log cabin with additions completed in 1998 and 2011. The result was beautiful but drafty – and expensive to heat. “Our bedroom door would rattle when the wind blew,” reports Steve, and the upstairs office was “either... Read More

This lakeside cottage was the first of three identical summer camps built in Camden in 1909. It took 2.5 cords of wood and almost 800 gallons of propane to make the mostly uninsulated home livable year-round.


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Though summer in Maine is perhaps as perfect as the season can get anywhere in the world, we’d all be lying to ourselves if we said there’s never a single need for air conditioning. From Rockland to... Read more